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How an EV Sensor Supplier Can do More Than Make Your Sensor

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Consider the sound system that’s in your electric vehicle’s design. 

A necessity for many drivers and passengers, the system represents what we see with many other elements of the EV. There's a good chance the radio was made by one manufacturer while the speakers were by another. The software that controls the radio – that was probably done by another company, too. 

Like stereo, many components of an EV’s systems are made by different entities. 

The story is the same with the EV’s sensors – odds are the monitoring devices were not made by the vehicle's manufacturer.

Unlike other component providers, an EV sensor supplier doesn't just have to be another vendor in a long list of companies you procure parts from. Rather, it can be a key member of your design and manufacturing team, providing expertise and insight on sensor technology and its integration into electric vehicle design

In fact, partnering with an EV OEM sensor manufacturer can lead to a better end product for customers and save an automaker time and money. With the right partner, an auto manufacturer can rest easy that the sensors in its EVs meet and exceed all expectations.


Bridging Gaps With EV Sensor Suppliers

In many respects, the automotive industry is no different than any other. Like other manufacturers, automakers are contending with a global labor shortage that's only compounded by persistent supply chain issues. Many companies still struggle to find qualified workers to fill open positions, causing production delays and increased costs.

Bridging gaps in labor shortages or providing some relief for your team, an OEM sensor supplier can offer more than just sensor production. With a close working relationship, an automotive sensor manufacturer can essentially become part of your team, assisting with a host of tasks, such as:


  1. Conceptualization
  2. Design
  3. Testing
  4. Data Interpretation
  5. Troubleshooting


1. Conceptualization

While you may have an idea of the metric that needs measuring or even the ideal sensor type, an experienced OEM sensor manufacturer can help you distill exactly what you need.  They can work with you to determine the best approach for collecting data and achieving desired results.

What’s more, with the wisdom of experience, the manufacturer may even offer insight into additional metrics or sensor types that could enhance the overall performance of your electric vehicle.


2. Design

As no two EV models are the same, so too, is the sensor technology needed to monitor and manage performance. An experienced EV OEM sensor supplier works with you to design a custom solution that fits the unique needs of your electric vehicle and the environment in which it operates. 

Sensors come at all levels of sophistication – from analog thermistors, for instance, to smart, self-diagnosing gas sensors. A reputable EV automotive sensor manufacturer has the expertise to advise on and design the most appropriate solution for your vehicle while considering:

  • What the sensor is measuring
  • The environment it’s operating in
  • The sensor’s functionality


3. Testing

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Before a sensor is considered fit for use, it must undergo extensive evaluation. 

Whether it’s simulations using a digital twin or controlled real-world application, testing is essential to ensure the device meets all applicable standards and performs as expected. Sensors can be subjected to a variety of tests, such as environmental testing (to simulate real-world conditions) and performance testing (to measure how well they perform under different circumstances).

While you may not have what’s needed to run the appropriate tests, your manufacturer likely will. This equipment is often expensive and specialized, so it’s essential to work with a manufacturer with access to the necessary testing capabilities.


4. Data Interpretation

One of the most important aspects of an EV OEM sensor is its ability to provide accurate data. This data must be interpreted correctly in order to be useful for decision-making or troubleshooting purposes.

Experienced EV sensor manufacturers will have a team of data analysts who can interpret and analyze the information gathered by the sensor. They can provide high-level insight on how to best use this data to optimize performance and efficiency whether the sensor is in an electric vehicle battery pack or another part of the EV.


5. Troubleshooting

Even the best sensors can experience problems during initial testing and pre-launch application. When this happens, it's essential to have a team of experts who can troubleshoot these issues quickly and efficiently. Who better than the device's manufacturer?

This may involve analyzing data, performing repairs, or issuing updates to the software that controls the sensor. Having a strong working relationship with the sensor manufacturer can greatly facilitate this process and ensure that any issues are resolved promptly.


Seamlessly Integrating an OEM Sensor Supplier Into Your Team

Adding an OEM sensor supplier that does more than make electric vehicle components to your team is, in many ways, no different than onboarding a new employee.

Certainly, there's the initial education, the deeper dive into processes, and ultimately completing projects together.

However, the quality of a functional & fruitful partnership with an OEM sensor comes down to one factor: regular and high-level communication. There's nothing more important.

From the moment the relationship starts, communication should take place throughout all stages of product development, from conceptualization to testing to data interpretation. Both parties must have a clear understanding of what's needed and expected to produce a high-quality EV sensor.

Integrating an experienced EV OEM sensor supplier into your team should give you a leg up as your company gains access to their expertise and capabilities while also forming a strong partnership for future projects. This is a valuable asset in the highly competitive and ever-evolving automotive industry.

Regular communication also helps ensure that any issues or problems that may arise are dealt with promptly and effectively. By working closely with an EV sensor supplier, you minimize any potential disruptions to your production line – as well as your bottom line.

EV OEM Sensor Manufacturers & Leveling Up Your Operation

As electric vehicles are among the most complex — and sophisticated – machines ever made. Having the right resources can make or break how well an automotive company meets new transportation demands.

While it's impossible to plan for every "what if" scenario that impedes production, partnering with an experienced OEM sensor manufacturer helps head off many disruptions. More than that, however, partnering with an OEM sensor supplier opens the doors wide to improved efficiency and better finished products that exceed standards and expectations.

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